We recognise that every individual and every company is unique.

At Tier1, our approach is designed to fulfil the needs of each individual and company in order to achieve the perfect match between the candidate and the business.

To this end, we have developed and applied a unique “3-point approach”, which employs the practice of recruiting to Strategy, Position and Human Needs. This approach is key to ensuring a successful and long-term placement which not only adds value but benefits businesses and candidates alike.

We apply this 3-point approach to each placement accounting for the human needs of individual people, while scrutinizing their qualifications in order to assess their ability to deliver to their role’s specifications. We test their competence in order to ensure a precise fit within an organisational strategy.

We are the first recruitment agency in SA to offer Talent and Wealth Dynamics to our clients and candidates alike. Tier1 combines the dynamics and insights of Talent and Wealth Dynamics from both a personal and business development tool to focus on people’s strengths as opposed to their weaknesses. These skills encourage businesses to focus on identifying and ensuring personal growth and stress reduction, which ultimately leads to staff retention, increased productivity and overall financial success.

This coupled with our unique “3-point approach” allows for us to logically and cleverly match the right individuals to the right businesses in a mutually beneficial manner.

How We Do It

think, plan and analyze in multi dimensions

We work to ensure a perfect fit for both you and the company, but with a human perspective...

Our thinking

Recruit to Position

This is where a lot of companies stop when it comes to the process of sourcing a candidate to fill a position. It is generally assumed as a forgone conclusion that the right candidate merely needs to meet the right qualification criteria and skills requirements. When recruiting to Position, it is also essential to ensure that the job requirements of the candidates are aligned with that of the position in order to ensure the perfect fit for both the company and the individual.

Our thinking

Recruit to Human Needs

The Human Perspective is vitally important in the recruitment process. We aim to place each individual in the right environment based on what makes that individual thrive as a human being. In essence, we seek to attract candidates who are able to meet their full potential when placed in the right environment, with the right people and in the right position. It is essential in the process to profile the client as well as the candidate in order for all elements of the human component and personality are catered for.

What it means to you

Recruit to Strategy

Successful companies look for long-term team members. For this reason, it is vital to look at and analyse how a prospective employee is going to add value to the future of the company. Ultimately, the employee’s personal goals and the goals of the company need to match to achieve the optimum result. Through experience, we understand that by ensuring an individual and an organisation have the same goals, the potential success is that much higher.

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