When it comes to hiring the right employee or service provider, what you don’t know CAN hurt you!

On a daily basis we employ the services of numerous individuals to manage many aspects of our business and personal lives.

CrimCheck, sister company to Tier 1, will offer you an opportunity to avoid a potentially negative outcome by giving you access to background information before you commit.

We will offer you peace of mind whether you are employing staff or outsourcing services from a supplier.

With the consent of the individual we are able to perform a full background check with the results being available to you within 2 working days.

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Our Service Offering

fast, reliable information at your fingertips

The background checking, verification and more advanced services include the following:

Criminal Checks

Criminal by AFIS – Standard
Criminal check done with a set of electronic fingerprints (24-48 hours turnaround time)

Criminal by AFIS – Premium
Criminal check done with a set of electronic fingerprints (5 business hours)

Credit Checks

Combined Credit Check
Consumer credit check with all 4 bureaus – XDS, Transunion, Experian and Compuscan

Compuscan Comprehensive
Consumer Credit Check with Compuscan

Experian Notices / Comprehensive
Consumer Credit Check with Experian

Transunion Notices/Comprehensive
Consumer Credit Check with Transunion

XDS Comprehensive
Consumer Credit Check with XDS

Consumer Trace
Provides you with information as per the credit bureaus, includes: Address history, Contact numbers history, Employment history

Company Check
Various company information including company details, business adverse information, VAT, Auditor and Director information including business interest, property interest, address history and adverse credit information, if available

Company Check – Enhanced
Company Credit Bureau report: business identification details, names, reg details, civil court records, default data, notarial bonds, principals summary, defaults and business interests, bank information and trade info

Employment Checks

Employment Confirmation
Information such as dates, positions and reasons for leaving are verified from previous employer

Employment Reference
Competency based reference done based on candidate’s character, their responsibilities, strengths, weaknesses, how they got along with their co-workers etc

FAIS DoFA Standard
DoFA Date, Current FSP Details

FAIS DoFA Premium
DoFA Date, Current FSP Details, Historical FSP Details
Current and Historical Products including Advice and Intermediary Date

Qualification Checks

Institute Accreditation
This product verifies whether or not the institution is accredited in their relevant industry

Matric Qualification
South African Matric (Grade 12) Verification with either Umalusi or any of the other various Provincial Departments of Education

Matric Symbol Match
Matric symbol match by department

National Tertiary Qualification (including NQR®)
South African Tertiary qualifications (degrees, certificates and diplomas) are verified via the National Qualifications Register (NQR®), and also directly via the institutions concerned, if they have not already subscribed to the NQR®

Short Courses / Certificates
Verification of short courses, diplomas and certificates by other Educational institutions whether formal or informal

African / International Qualification
We have an assortment of global networks and international relationships to verify many African or International Qualifications

Memberships of professional Organisations or institutions are verified via the particular organizations concerned

Statement of Results Department
Statement of Tertiary Results from the Department

Driver's Checks

Drivers Licence
Verify the Validity of the driver’s licence including the code, date issued, expiry date and license

Professional Driver’s Permit
Verify the Validity of the driver’s license including the code, date issued, expiry date, licence number and the validity of the Professional Drivers Permit (PDP)

Driver Accident History
Report on any accidents the candidate has been involved in lodged on the e-Natis System

Identification Checks

To confirm whether or not the candidate has South African Citizenship

ID Number Validation
Confirm that the ID Number is a valid SA ID Number

ID Verification
To confirm that the ID number provided does in fact to the particular individual

Passport Match
To confirm the passport is valid as per the Department of Home Affairs

Permanent Residence Permit
To verify the validity of the Permanent Residency Permit

Temporary Residence Permit
To verify the validity of the Temporary Residency Permit

Work Permit
To verify the validity of the Work Permit

Fraud Detection Checks

SA Fraud Check
This is a register detailing fraudulent behaviour on the part of persons attempting to obtain goods or services or who were involved in fraudulent activity in the workplace

World Check
A database of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Sanctions and heightened risk individuals and organisations is used around the world to help to identify and manage financial, regulatory and reputational risk

Social Media Checks

Social media and social networking has grown exponentially since 2002, allowing greater access to information, connecting people on a global scale in ways we have never seen before. We are able to connect and communicate with people across borders with no restrictions. This has led to people having their lives documented in fine detail, online, for all to see. We no longer keep journals or diaries, we no longer have photo albums, and all of this is available at our fingertips, through our smart phones and computers.

With these complexities, businesses must address these challenges and mitigate the associated risks. Social media has the potential to cause immense and irrecoverable brand and reputational damage to both businesses and organizations. An individual’s social media behaviour and content can either contribute positively or negatively to a businesses and individuals brand.

This check analyses the candidate’s participation in all forms of Social Media – including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare to name a few. It not only looks at the candidate’s propensity to make crude, racist or lude comments, display antagonistic behaviour etc but also gives an overview regarding interests, hobbies, internet behaviour and so on.


Online Skills Assessments
MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Data-Entry, Typing, Advanced Accounting

Numeracy Test
Number problems, reasoning & interpretation

Literacy Test
Vocabulary, opposites, analogies reasoning comprehension

Sales/Customer Service Profile
The Customer Service Profile measures traits that are critical to success in customer service by evaluating the applicant in terms of his/her current customer service strengths, potential strengths as well as development areas

PPA – Personality Profile Assessment
How a person prefers to behave in the work place, any frustrations the person has in their current job, behaviour under pressure. Strengths, limitations and value to the organisation

Driver Assessment Profile (DAP)
Measures competence, skill abilities and attributes required in the driving industry

Security Assessment Profile (SAP)
Measures competence, skill abilities and attributes required for security guards

Integrity Test (IMI)
Measure integrity levels and propensity toward counter-productive behaviour in the workplace; Honesty, stealing/theft, violation of policies, rules and regulations, reliability & dependability, lying, denial, projection, justification, work ethic & manipulation


A CrimCheck screening will assist you in minimizing your risk when it comes to the safety and security of your business, home, assets and family by ensuring that individuals within your home or workplace are clear of any prior, pending or current convictions under South African law.

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