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Whether you’re trying to advance your career or pick a new one, Tier 1 career consulting can help you…

During the one-on-one session with one of our trained consultants, we focus on you, our candidate, and delve into what “makes you tick”. We pin point your strengths, interests, values and abilities and how these can be aligned with your career goals. Our career consulting includes examining your CV and offering advice on how to improve  it in order to make you stand out and market yourself accordingly.

What Our Consultation Includes

career consulting helps you to improve your career prospects

From a basic personality test to career advice, we'll work with you to find the job of your dreams.

Personality profiling test

How to utilise your strengths to achieve your own natural path to success and find the type of company that would suit you best.

Curriculum vitae advice

We’ll help to highlight your strengths by explaining the do’s and don’ts of CVs and what makes good ones stand out.

Interview techniques

We’ll help you prepare for an interview and explain how to answer those difficult or open-ended questions.

Trends and career strategies

We’ll go through the latest trends and strategies to help you “get your CV out there” and market yourself effectively.

Please note: this does not guarantee we will find you a job or any form of employment. This is merely a session to help you discover what makes you tick, what career path to follow and to enable you to better market yourself and your CV.

Book a Consultation

our team is vibrant and highly motivated

The cost per consultation is R595 per hour and R875 for a 1.5 hour session.

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Latest Tips & Tricks

After my session, I feel so much more confident with my CV – highlighting what I am good at, I can’t wait to get out there!


I was so nervous about my career and where to start, but after my consultation I’m actually feeling really excited about what I can offer future employers and about my future.


Thank you so much for your time. You don’t know how much I appreciate it. I haven’t spoken to anyone before who has so much knowledge regarding these challenges. I feel so much better now.