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After getting through the initial application stages, acing your first interview and making it through to the final interview, there is only one phone call you want to receive as a candidate. Inevitably, only one person will be chosen for each position and so the odds on it being you are not guaranteed. Just as you prepare mentally to get yourself through to the final stages of an interview process, you must prepare mentally for the possibility of not being the chosen candidate. Of course, that’s not to say that you should go into the room defeated, just that you shouldn’t put all your store in getting this one position and you must have a follow-on plan. Some candidates are so sure that they will be hired by the company they are interviewing at that they begin to show behaviour such as letting their work standards at their current job slack and start spending a salary they haven’t earned yet.

Should you not get the position…

Don’t feel defeated

As I mentioned, there can only be one candidate for each role and competition is tough. As disappointing as it is to not get the job you wanted there will be other opportunities. Also consider the fact that perhaps you were never meant for the role and you may have been unhappy in it. So stay positive and motivated and keep moving forward.

Don’t burn bridges with your agent

Remember that this agent got you to these final stages and wants you to get the job just as much as you do. The fact that you did your part in getting so far could mean that your agent will see you as a strong candidate for future similar roles. So remain cordial and professional at all times. Perhaps ask for a short feedback session on where you can improve.